Lee Eon dies in motorcycle accident

The well know Korean model turned actor died early Thursday, August 21, 2008 as a result of hitting a tree while traveling on his motorcycle in his home country of Korea. He had just left a party where he was celebrating the end of one of his successful TV series's.

The 27 year old actor was reported to have died instantly and it is not known if he was drunk or wearing a helmet.

That incident has got to be one of the stronger arguments for finding the best motorcyle helmet you can afford and WEAR it.

Lee Eon is not the first actor to get killed or injured while riding a motorcycle in the past few years. Here is a brief list of well known people who have had motorcycle accidents in the last few years:
  • George Clooney, American movie star
  • George Naidas, Greek TV star
  • Keith Urban, country singer
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maybe they are the type that think they can do as good a job as their stunt doubles do in the movies.

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