The Naked Brothers band have a new movie


"Operation Mojo" is the name of the Band's new TV movie. This coming Saturday Nat and Alex with be having a live chat as part of promoting Operation Mojo.

The Naked Brothers Band is a cable show on Nickelodeon. They have been on the air now for 3 seasons and it is reported to be one of Nickelodeon's highest rated shows. Done much in the same style as the old Partridge Family TV show of yesteryear but updated for today's teens. The brothers are the new heartthrobs for 10 year old girls. The brothers are only 13 years old and under themselves.

Operation Mojo is their 6th TV movie.

The brothers in the TV show are real brothers and are played by Nat and Alex Wolff. The show is produced, written and directed by their real life mom, Polly Draper. Their real life dad is Micheal Wolff who is the co-executive producer and music supervisor of the TV show. Wolff also stars as the brothers' geeky father, who plays the accordion in the show.


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