Sears and the "Heroes"

You have no doubt seen the TV ads about Sears helping out the families that have members in the military. If you were like me, I thought that Sears was donating a portion of their sales to help those families. Instead, Sears was spending millions of dollars on commercials to ask us the American public to donate to those families via their heroes at home website.

Quite frankly I would have more respect for Sears if they had quietly helped those families out and then did a press release after the fact. Nothing like wasting advertising dollars to try and convince the rest of us that Sears is the good guy. Can you tell that I did not think that this was a good idea for Sears? Sure the families benefited but here is also a chance for other big US companies to quietly step up to the plate and out do Sears by not wanting the world to know but by word of mouth will gain the public's respect.


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