William Shatner the whiner

I use to like Bill Shatner when he was Capt. Kirk on the old Star trek series. He was even pretty good in some of the Star Trek movies. I do believe that the man is getting too old and way too fat for my liking anymore. He did not keep his mouth shut when the latest Star trek movie did not want him in at least a cameo role. He managed to send out a video message to all his "friends" at myspace.com explaining in detail what he thought about the new movie. His latest publicity stunt if you call it that was whinnying about how he wasn't invited to George's wedding (his co-star in Star trek, Sulu). George on the other hand claims that Bill was invited but he never got an RSVP back from him. Come on Bill grow up, your body did but I guess your mind didn't.

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