New movie this weekend - Frontier

The latest entry into the early summer movie season is "Frontier". Advertised as a horror movie, Frontier(s) has lots of blood and plenty of it. The movies' website has plenty of gory film clips for you to aimlessly wander through. It is the typical slasher movie. Rated NC-17 it for violence and gore the producers refused to cut out scenes to get the lower "R" rating. So for violence and being extremely graphic this movie is almost rated "X". The website has a Trailer for people to watch. I personally would block the site if children have access to the internet.

I am going to stick my neck out here and wonder why such a movie needs to be made? I guess some - not all movie goers are getting a high off of extreme violence. This type of movie goes hand in hand with the graphic violence based "adult" rated video games now being sold. I know of several young people that would really enjoy this movie but they are all under 17 and their lives revolve around video games and gangster rock. I am sure that none of them will be allowed to go see the movie. That of course will not stop them from getting it on DVD.

This is the type of movie that a man might take a date to, why? If you are unaware of how a man thinks, let me enlighten you. Men use these types of scary movies to get their "frightened" date to hug or cling to them. It makes them feel macho and they get the girl to crawl all over them for comfort. So if you are female and horror movies are not your style, now you know why the men in your life want to take you to a horror movie (or watch it on DVD). They don't care about the movie, they just want your reaction.

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