Miley Cyrus - the next Playmate of the year

"15 year old Miley Cyrus is trying to be a Playboy magazine centerfold"

The words above are not mine but the collective voice of my 14 year old daughter's friends and classmates. It was not until they saw the photos and video footage on the nightly news that they felt were disgusting. It is not just the teenagers but our society that is also twisted when it comes to flaunting teenage seduction. Miley was shown snuggling up to her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, in a seductive manner that also made me puke. My own daughter said she would never pose with her dad in such a way. I also had to remind her that these people were celebrities and that much of what they do is strictly for publicity.

These photos come in at a bad time in my opinion. Fresh in the news still is the Texas raid on the FDLS ranch in which charges of under age sex are flying around. Public opinion on teenage sex and seduction has been in the media since Dateline first did it's Predator series on internet perverts.

One last thought - why is it that almost all the girls that were Disney stars in the last 15 or so years turn out so promiscuous?

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