Reality or TruTV?

Don't you just love the words that TV throws at us? First it was "reality" TV where you watch things on TV that were not rehearsed or the footage edited. Now we have actuality TV were you can watch crimes being committed, accidents as they happen and all other glorious and gory parts of life. Producers have spared us no room for imagination anymore. That could be a bad thing or a good thing depending on your imagination.

How do you react to to watching those types of shows? Can you take 'em or leave them? Do you get verbal and talk back to the TV or be quite because everyone will look at you strange if you do? I certainly hope you don't act anything out or get violent.

Crime shows like Cops and Forensic Files are among the most popular on TruTV but other shows such as The Smoking Gun Presents and Haunting Evidence are gaining a following. All of them will cause the truTV effect in you if you are not careful. Remember even too much laughing will cause pain.

TruTV has made an hilarious TV ad that just left me in stitches. You can watch it below. Caution, you might want to see more of it. All I can say is thank goodness we don't have any close neighbors. You can go to the TruTV website and watch more truTV videos, in fact they have everything on there.

Well, what did you think? Funny or not? Does it make you want to watch their shows? or was it cute for all of 3 minutes and that is it?


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