Is karaoke making a comeback?

Karaoke, that bar time social activity that made you think you could sing and it provided cheap, free entertainment for night clubs everywhere. That was about 15 years ago. About that time the first karaoke machines made it into private homes across the USA. People would buy special music CDs made just for the machines. The karaoke music was in the form of a video with the music and the lyrics on the screen for you to sing along with. I am sure you have seen plenty of videos on Youtube or AFV (America's Funniest Videos) showing people that could not carry a tune in a bucket. They are plainly tone deaf.....but that does not stop them. Of course those were some interesting days, the same time that MTV actually still did show music videos 24/7.

So what brings this all up? I thought about the karaoke phase of our culture because a few nights ago I was watching that new comedy called S#*() My Dad Says (which is really "Shit My Dad Says) and Bill Shatner was in a bar with his son and he got on stage and sung (in the same style as those awful travel commercials he does). That made me wonder if karaoke is making a comeback.

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