This nutty week in review

Damn, this week is nuts. Just today Zsa Zsa Gabor, who is 93 by the way, was taken to the hospital with a blood clot in her leg. There is a danger of it moving to her heart or lungs but she would probably undergo a quick procedure that puts a small filter in her vein that leads from her leg to her heart that will block the clot from killing her.

Next we had rumors of an Avatar 2 with Sigourney Weaver back on the screen......wait a minute, didn't she die in Avatar? Now "they" are saying that "Grace," the character that Sigourney played, did not die. I suspected that Grace got absorbed into the planet like all the other lifeforms did but to bring her back as a being, that will be interesting.

The hype over the new Harry Potter movie is .........lets say, ho hum. Not much fanfare played up on this one. A few TV ads but not like in years past where fans were lining the streets for the cinemas to open up. Most of the die hard Potter fans have grown up, grown older and are a lot less able to pay for the $13 movie ticket plus popcorn and a drink. The last time I took in a movie was last month and for 2 people it cost almost $50 for tickets, a drink and popcorn. The concession stand almost broke the bank!!

The Harry Potter movie has already premiered in London on Nov 11 and is expected to go nation wide in the USA on November 19th 2010. Now I ask you, why the delay? They should have opened it up the day after the premier or the same day. Oh is after all just...... ho, hum.

Of course we had a few famous people pass away this week. Dino De Laurentiis left us at the ripe old age of 91.

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