Britain to sell off their forests to balance their budget

WTF!!! is going on in England?

About 900 years ago (in the year 1215 to be exact) laws were made to protect the forest lands of Britain. The famous forests of Sherwood, New Forest and the Forest of Dean among others, were protected against development and logging. Those forests contain ancient trees. Unlike the national park system that is in place in the USA where tourism is promoted, it seems like the forests in England are treated much like sanctuaries and are off limits to the general public, at least that is my understanding of them.

Now in the Parliaments' great wisdom, they have decided to sell off half of the forests, to whom ever comes up with the money for them. Sure, lets put a chemical plant or a housing development in the heart of Sherwood forest, only after cutting down hundreds of ancient trees that will never be replaced.

What ever happened to protecting the world's forests to stem the dramatic climate changes? If the world's governments keep up making rash decisions like this, we as humans will surely face an early extinction. This news item is almost good enough for the Pee Brain Award, but I will refrain from awarding it until I see if there is any large protests against the decision. If no protests then I will award it to the entire country of England.

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