American Idol is well hated

If you loath American Idol you are not alone. Just do a search on the words "I hate American Idol" and you'll come up with at least 22,000+ results. I personally don't watch the show. What I loath about it is the fact that when someone gets voted off of the show it hits the Fox news. The item is NOT news worthy!!!

Tonight the TV show Fringe was moved to accommodate a 2 hour American Idol. I am now hearing the rumblings online in message boards. It seems that the TV show Fringe is liked better than the Idol.

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Anonymous said...

I have never liked Idol. It's seriously overrated. Some people enjoy watching the try-outs, but what season are they on now, like 8? Common... I read somewhere that people who were once popular singers are trying out on the show to get back publicity. Not a bad idea :p