Baby machine family, the Duggars are at it again

The Duggar family is now expecting their 19th child. The 42 year old baby machine, Michelle Duggar made the announcement of their expectant 19th child on Tuesday. Michelle won't have to worry about changing more diapers as she has rarely done that chore in the past 10 years. The newborn will be "assigned" to another child to rear. They call it the buddy system. I call it a cop out. Of course Jim, the father, will not have to worry about were to get the money from to feed another mouth, they have a TV show and the more the merrier. If it was not the fact they were on TV for having so many kids in the first place I doubt if they would have even had the money for the house they live in.

It was the Duggars, Jim and his mother, who got the brilliant idea to approach a TV network with the idea of filming their large brood. The Discovery Channel was interested with the idea and bought it. Jim was building a home at the time and had run out of money. In fact the family was living on handouts from relatives. Lets say they were almost on the verge of welfare. The Discovery Channel stepped in and paid for the house to be finished.

Now that the family was on TV they could push their form of religion - breed like crazy. They have their own church. with a few close friends to make it a tax deduction. I wonder if the IRS should be looking into that. They also home school most of the kids. That way the children don't know any better when it comes to what a parent should be doing and not having the older children raise the younger children.

Good parenting skills went out the door when those dollar signs from heaven - opps I meant the Discovery Channel, showed up in their bank account.

That family has stirred up so much controversy since their 16th child, it is not funny anymore. Of course the internet is ripe with rumors and facts of the oldest children hating being raised like a herd. All of the older girls have been taught the same values as mom, find a husband and have lots of kids. Don't bother with a college education you won't need it to spend most of your time playing jungle gym in bed.

Here is an article about their life when the 18th child was on their way. You need to scroll down the page and read the comments since that is where you will find the rampant flame throwing.

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