The lesser known movies of Johnny Depp

I bet you thought you knew everything about Johnny Depp. I bet you don't know that he starred in 2 movies along side greats Marlon Brando, Faye Dunaway and Jerry Lewis. He also has starred in Tom Petty's video "Rebel Without a Clue" with Faye Dunaway while on a film break.

The 2 movies that Depp starred in are Don Juan DeMarco where he starred along side Brando and Dunaway. Depp plays a man who thinks he is actually the real Don Juan. Brando plays his shrink. Lots of fun with that movie. The other one is Arizona Dream which starred Jerry Lewis and again Faye Dunaway. Depp plays an Eskimo in the movie and it won big film awards in Europe. The movie was not shown or promoted in the USA at all, which pissed off Dunaway which thought it was her best film ever.

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