Kid stars trying to set fashion trends

You have seen it, child and teenage actors setting the fashion trends for the rest of us. Hanna Montana clothing lines in Walmart as well as the twins Kate and Ashley, all making a buck lending their names to clothing lines. Some of them actually design the clothes but the great majority just lend their names, for a price, to the label.

Do teenagers really buy those clothing lines? No not really, they tend to set their own styles according to the areas they live in and music that they listen to. Each music genre has it's own style with clothing to match. It is the mothers of those kids that the kid stars are trying to appeal to. Parents think they are hip if they buy an item for their teen that has a major stars' name on it.

In reality clothing styles and trends are designed by lesser known clothing designers like Aristabrat. That designer makes the trendy jeans shown below.

Of course the price tag for the jeans is in the $200 range but those are designer prices for you.

Another designer is kingsley kids clothes which is for boys (but can be worn by girls too). Here is one of their tees.
Both of those designer lines can be found at

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