The Octuplets mom is a lazy B****

If you have been watching the saga of the Octuplets and their self serving mother (Nadya Suleman) you would know that the mom has done very little in the way of actually taking care of those newborns. She recently "fired" her troop of volunteer and licensed nurses to bring in her own paid nurses from Kaiser hospital. Now I wonder who is paying for that specialized care. Is it the taxpayer? It might be since she could not afford the hospital bill for when they were born. In California if a patient can't pay then the state steps in and covers the bill so that a person is not denied medical attention when they need it.

The allegations are getting hot and heavy concerning the fact that the mother does not lift a finger to care for her babies and lets the nurses do everything. She goes on shopping sprees with donated money of course because she had nothing, not even a job or her own home when this all begun.

In my honest opinion I do think she had this all planned from the very beginning. Make headlines with the number of children and plead poverty for donations. After all there are 2 successful TV shows about very large families so why not one more? So far she has been right on the money. She has a new house and furniture plus $1 million in cash. All of that in under 6 weeks since this all began. How many of us can say the same thing for an unwed mother with kids who don't even know who their father is?

Poor Dr. Phil, he should have kept out of that mess. He is now trying to wash his hands of the whole affair. Phil, take my advice, you got into it too deep and you won't come away from that mess so clean.

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