Models first, movie stars later

How many movie stars can you name that started out as models? Marilyn Monroe comes to mind first then Raquel Welch followed by Cybil Shepard. Did you know that Halle Berry also started out as a model? The Biography Channel even did a show about them. I wonder why they managed to leave out the male movie stars that started out as models.

Of course there are those that go from modeling straight to Playboy pinups and then on to the silver screen. With the advent of the internet, video models are no longer required to live in New York City or L.A., those areas are now for the runway models like those for Victoria Secret.

Many of the female models started out modeling clothes but a few of them started out with modeling cosmetics in print ads.

Here is a video from YouTube showing a wonderful selection of models showing off AMIClubwear.

I wonder if one of them will make it to the silver screen? Maybe one of them already has. AMI is also giving away a $300 gift certificate for just following them on YouTube, here are the official contest rules. Maybe you can win one of those outfits the girls are wearing in the video. Better yet model an outfit and make your own YouTube video and maybe one day you can follow the likes of Halle Berry and the others.


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