It's movie time

It is that time of the year when we are right between the great summer blockbusters and the holiday blockbusters. The current movies being shown at the box office are mediocre at best. They are the current "B" rated movies and are sure to be on DVD within a few months after they disappear off of the big screen.

So what are we left with? How about free movies online? Yes you read it right, you can Watch Movies Online for free. Not only can you see movies but also TV shows that you missed. The place that has all of those free online movies made this cheesy commercial, which is sure to go viral due to the butt cheeks on the girls in it. Here is the vid:

So did that video get your attention? Personally I would have dressed the gals in something different. The bubble on their heads does nothing for me.

Movie Planet is more than just a place to watch movies for free, it is also a full fledged movie community where you can learn what your favorite actor or movie director is up to next. They also have the latest TV show news. After I finshing writing this blog post I have to go and find out what is going on with the TV show Merlin. They are already showing season 2 in England and I know that it is renewed for season 2 here in the USA but I need a start date.

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