Miley Cyrus, not so innocent anymore

The Hanna Montana star had some "racy" photos leak out to the press. I thought nothing more of it especially since Miley made a statement that they (the photos) where taken at an innocent slumber party. Then I took a look at the photos and changed my mine completely. Now I know some 13-15 year olds (friends of my daughter) and I asked them what they thought of the photos - one word came out, YUCK! Those photos show a girl with another girl doing some very heavy petting with each other. One can only hope that Billy Ray will put a stop to his 15 year old daughter's antics, otherwise she will end up being the next Jamie Spears.

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CC* said...

Oh god shut up! Miley was just playing around, having a bit of fun. Just because she's famous, suddenly she's "not so innocent?" Puh-lease! Every one goof's off with photo's and it sucks that someone released them but people need to stop comparing her to Vanessa and Jamie who have nude photo's and are pregnant! I'm sorry but I think there's a bit of a difference!