Will Dick Clark return to tonight to count down the New Year?

It has been a New Year's Eve tradition to celebrate New Year's Eve with Dick Clark. He has been hosting and producing the show since 1972. There has been only one break in 2004 when he had suffered his massive stroke only weeks before the show. He had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when he suffered the stroke. The next year 2005 he appeared on the show only this time showing visible signs of his stoke aftermath. Some applauded his efforts while others said his time was up for the show. Last year, 2006 he made a brief appearance and everyone is wondering if he will be appearing again tonight.

His current health condition still has him in a wheelchair but he can walk. His face still shows some signs of his stroke. At 78 he is a fighter.

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Kim said...

Wow. Couragous but disturbing. 'The eternal teenager' is circling the drain before our very eyes.