The Spears family girls are messed up

Britney and Jamie the 2 girls that any mother would dread having. If it wasn't for their ability to earn money at a young age I would think that both girls would be in some sort of rehab program.

If this happened to a "normal" family
  • Britney would be hidden from the public until she got her act together. Her children would be taken away permanently and her wages garnished for child support. She would have a criminal record that would prevent her form having a decent job.
  • Jamie would either have a shotgun wedding, abortion or give the baby up for adoption. At 16 she would be expected to finish school and either get a job or afford to go on to college.

But what is really happening to these 2 is that they are getting all kinds of publicity and money because of it. Jamie is following Britney's lead and finding out that getting into trouble if you are a celebrity pays off. Top that off with the fact that Britney denies that Jamie is pregnant (see video below) and you have more gossip for the hounds.

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